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Devil Trigger Uprising

2011-12-17 21:46:38 by PlatformSource

This is my game, Worked on it for months.
I will have a playable demo sometime in 2 weeks.

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@ DylanSmithCole

Devil Trigger Uprising

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Actually I don't care.!/DylanSmithCole

Reincarnation Philip [game] + news

2010-03-27 20:29:51 by PlatformSource

was deleted... shit.
Working on a new game though <3


2010-01-04 01:11:03 by PlatformSource

Im back after a year of practicing with flash.
i have yet to bestow my works of 2010 on the good people of newgrounds.

heres an example from the game ive been working on sense august.

title: The legend of the newgrounder.

NOTE: the newgrounds sign was redesigned, aswell as other things. this is an old screen.


hey, me and carbon have been trying to make games together for awhile, we could never come up with anything original until now, the epsilon project.

basically the view is like zelda, your a soldier in a war fighting enemies with gun power ups and all that.

the carbon server will be connected to all our flashes from now on. this will be used as a download center for flash games, and downloadable content that our flashes will load, from your computer.

example would be something like C:/program files/Epsilon project

setup files or RAR files will be set up on the server!

also im looking into online play, so that might be a possibility aswell!

animation:Carbon Animations
Programmer : VGMP

Later guys!

what the EFF!? D:

2009-06-23 14:27:31 by PlatformSource

i failed everyclass!

only cuz i didint submit assignments, and like, now i cant graduate with my very best friend in the world, and me and her, cant be in the same grad year?!

awe this sucks, hopefully my lies and trickery will get me to grade 11

hey guys, just wanted to let you know, me and mah pal is making an awesome game, our best works so far, and i meen like nothing weve ever done before, so yeah, you can just wait for this game to come out, in the meen time look at my picture!

2 player hack'n/slash game with EMM ( carbonanimations )

looool my foot is broken NO MOAR

2009-03-04 19:27:53 by PlatformSource

yay all healed :3

looool my foot is broken NO MOAR


2009-02-01 13:50:17 by PlatformSource

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also broke my foot ahaha

NOT grounded, but grounded again.

2008-12-19 09:03:35 by PlatformSource